Name: Sandrijn van der Horst

gender: male

Location: Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Age: 36

Education: Audiovisual Art and Design at St.Joost Academy for Visual Arts and Design, Breda, NL

Interests/influences: A great variety of (underground) music, sound/noise, art, film, nature/environment, sound/musicgear and instruments, computerstuff, history, politics and global issues, religious and spiritual subjects.


Sandrijn van der Horst (1981) makes experimental films, audiovisual installations and soundscapes. In his works he explores the behaviour of light versus movement and speed, and the tension between image and sound. Nature is an important and constant inspiration. He mainly focuses on the mystic and obscure atmosphere that lies hidden within.
Besides film and video, he uses sounds from several musical instruments and fieldrecordings, that often return unrecognizable due to heavy processing in the composing phase. On several occasions there have been live soundscape performances combined with video projections.

In the beginning of 2007 he received a starter’s grant from the Dutch Foundation for Visual Art, Design and Architecture (FondsBKVB); giving the opportunity to develop and to continue exploring the borders of video and sound.



officially released

- Frondescence (2011 4'00", 8mm on DV) Frondescence is the process, state or period of putting forth leaves.The film consists out of approximately 4.800 single shot frames, which were captured on black and white 8mm film.

- Krachtveld (2008 6'00", DV)
'T Veluwsch Woud in strijd met Tijd.

This project was composed for the exhibition "Ontbos" ("deforest") in 2008. A transformation from organic to industrial structures.

- Reverberation (2006 14'00", DV)
Altered structures and figures of light coming to life; surrounding primeval sounds, overtones and noise, creating a space that feels enormous and claustrophobic at the same time. Threatening and disturbing darkness next to moving and mesmerizing heavenly light. A mass of swarming and circling figures, stroboscopic cutting flashes and silent fluid void, blending in a storm; into a swirling fog of echo, chaos and noise.
can be described as a visual soundscape. Image and sound were simultaneously composed; exploring the borders of these media and combining their forces. Free use of techniques in recording and processing, mainly focussing on movement, speed and time created sequences that resemble moving sculptures and paintings.

- Forestial Illumination (2005 8'40", DV)
This experimental filmproject has a strong focus on the behaviour of light and the fusion of image and sound.
Using a combination of various techniques such as camera movement and extreme editing of the speed of the captured light; new and estranged structures, movement and figures appeared, showing an altered face. Together with self-designed sounds, these new images were taken into a process of musical composing. A visible piece of music evolved, where image and sound move and guide each other. The light comes to life and becomes organic; the sound almost becomes touchable.
A walk through deep shades, structures and movement of light, intertwined with penetrating, heavy and droning sounds.

Distributed by De Filmbank



- Tijdgeest (2007 10'00", DV)
Designed for three screens, using old/unreleased footage and some sequences from Forestial.. and Reverberation. Every screen is showing the same footage, but in a different speed and rhythm.

Sounddesign/film music

- Momentum (2005, 5'00") by René Bosma



- Richting (2004, DV, about 28 minutes)
A research/info documentary about two Dutch abstract filmmakers: Joost Rekveld and Bart Vegter. Part of my research into abstract film and visual music.

- Mare Incognitum (workname): unfinished project (2003/2004)
An abstract/structural filmproject, consisting of reflections and structures of light on the ocean surface. It produced some great images but it was never edited into a right shape; might be used in some other project.

- The Scape (2003, DV, 4'30")
A single, long shot of a dark landscape of brown earth and white frozen water passing by, combined with a threatening soundscape.

- CruciFiction (2003, 16mm, 0'50")
A short dark film about a crucifixtion. Not what you expect it to be. Part of a 16mm school project.

- Aderen (2002, DV, 3'05")
Atmospheric film about moving water in the woods.

- De val van Icarus (2002, DV 7'00")
A portrait of a boy who wants to fly. Inspired by the art of Loes Huis in 't Veld.

- Overweging (2002, DV 6'00")
A 'portrait' of a crossroad, seen through the eyes of three very different individuals.

- Stones (2001, 8mm 2'00")
Short 8mm school project in cooperation. Portrait of a neighbourhood that is being demolished. Sound plays an important role.

- in the name... (2001, DV 5'00")
Partly made out of footage. 'What does a 'name' mean and cause?'.




© 2007 Sandrijn van der Horst