Welcome to Forestial.com, showing information and some excerpts of my work as an audiovisual artist. My work is mainly focussed on experimental film and soundscapes.
Take a look and feel free to contact me for questions, information, assignments for (film)music/sounddesign/video or whatever you want to tell or ask me…

Sandrijn van der Horst

Message Feb 2018:

Sign of life!

It's been a long time since I've updated. I've been sharing Forestial related things on Facebook only for a while, but I'm working on a new site. Coming soon!

Message March 2012:

Exhibition "Er was eens.." @ Kunstenlab, Deventer

"Oblivion" (videoloop/soundscape shown before at Forest Fairytales, CODA) is part of the group exibition "Er was eens..." (once upon a time...) at Kunstenlab, Deventer, NL. It is directed towards children education, but also open for any visitor.

running: Februari 25 - april 25
Location: Kunstenlab, Laboratoriumplein 1, Deveter (NL)
Free entry. Open Monday till sunday 13:00 - 17:00

Message March 2012:

Evening at B93

At Februari 1 2012, I've been showing my work at B93,in Enschede. A nice place with working and residency spaces for artists and a project space for exhibitions. Included was "Oblivion" and various other projections. I also added a 20 min live soundscape performance.

obioblivion projectie

Message October 2011:

Exhibition Forest Fairytales at CODA Museum

I was invited by curator Guido De Vries to take part in the (group) exhibition Forest Fairytales. I will be showing a new audiovisual installation. It is based on some 8mm film material I shot when creating Frondescence, but the outcome is quite different due to heavy (digital) processing.
Videoloop (B&W) + soundscape.

Opening: October 14 , 19:15
Runs from October 15 2011 - January 22 2012
CODA Museum, Vosselmanstraat 299, Apeldoorn, NL

More info about the exhibition and other participants here.

Message October 2011:


Just finished a new experimental film: Frondescence is the process, state or period of putting forth leaves.The film consists out of approximately 4.800 single shot frames, which were captured on black and white 8mm film. Silent.

Message september 2011:

Ocultos entre El Bosque International presentations

Past few months there have been two international presentations of Zyanya Keizer's Ocultos Entre El Bosque collection including one of my videoworks. First up was Franz Mayer Museum @ Mexico City. Part of of the exhibition "Ámsterdam + Bruselas. Código / Diseño"; about Dutch and Belgium design. Flyer

The other presentation was at the Berlin Fashion week, 6-8 july. Location was Project Galerie Showroom "contemporary fashion fair and presentations"

Message January 2011:

at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week

Location: Berestraat 24, Amsterdam
Opening: 22 jan 14:00u

Click on image below:

Message December 2010:

Transmission/The Experimental Waitingroom
Group Exhibition

Opening: Friday December 10, 2010 time: 19:30
Finishing: Sunday Janauri 9, 2011 time: 16:00
Location: Sophiaplein 1, Apeldoorn (near central train/busstation)

In this experimental project my work is linked to the company "Merida Experience Centre". How to capture and reflect certain movement, experiences and memories?
The Video/audio installation will evolve during the month. The intention is to update it weekly.

More info: Cascolab

Message October 2010:

"Ocultos entre el Bosque" Exhibition at CBK Apeldoorn

Collaboration around Zyanya Keizer's Fashion collection.
Fashion design: Zyanya Keizer, Photography: Linda Mosterd, Video & Audio: Sandrijn van der Horst

Opening Sat October 30, 14:30, Roggestraat 44, Apeldoorn
Exihition runs from October 30 - November 20, 2010.
Open on Fridays and Saturdays.

"The fashion collection of “Ocultos entre el bosque” is based on a surrealistic forest where there is a combination of man made environment and raw nature living within each other. Trees made out of steel and insects merged with mechanical pieces.
The garments are inspired by the armor of insects combined with the soft obscurity of a forest by nightfall."




Message May 2010:


Message January 2010:

The Incident Room #1.

I'm working on a new, short term project right now, called "The Incident Room". It's the first edition of a series of projects, where artist with different backgrounds from my region will meet and collaborate on a specific location, and create new work in a few weeks. Curator of this project is Patrick Mangnus. This first edition is set up in Cultuurplaats R10, Zwolle.

I'm working together with Harco Rutgers whom I've met before during the "Ontbos" exhibition he was curating.
The results are exciting! After brainstorming and testing We're creating an installation work where soundwaves are bending and guiding reflections of water. It works amazingly well and creates great images.
The other artists featured in this edition of the Incident Room are Sjoukje Gootjes and Jeroen Diepemaat, who are buidling a huge sculpture.

The exhibition is open January 29, 30, 31 and February 5, 6 and 7
13:00 - 17:00

On February 7, 15:30 , there will be a final event before closing up the project.

Location: R10, Rieteweg 10, Zwolle.
More info here and some pictures of the work in progress Harco uploaded here.


a video-document + bonus material of the installation has been uploaded and can be viewed on vimeo



Message January 2009:

Live performance!

Saturday January 17, 21.00, CBK Apeldoorn, ACEC gebouw
Roggestraat 44, Apeldoorn.

First time live solo soundscape/music performance. Creating layers of sound with guitar, loops, effects, filters, and some atmospheric video images in the background.

Following, L'enfer will be playing at 22.00.

Message October 2008:


Message June 2008:

A new, short audiovisual work (in progress) has been selected for an exhibition at CBK Apeldoorn, themed around the International Triennial Apeldoorn (landscape and garden architecture). The exhibition is titled 'Ontbos' (Deforest) and will start Saturday August 9 at 19.30 and close September 28.

CBK Apeldoorn has moved to a new location: ACEC gebouw, Roggestraat 44, Apeldoorn (NL). Come and visit!

Message May 2008:

Just a small update to let you know I've been working on a new 'forestial' project for a while now. I'm right in the middle of it (with a lot of other stuff going on as well) so It probably will take some time to finish.

Message October 2007:

New Screenings coming up!! Click here.

Message July 2007:

I Finally finished a new site. Some improvement in design and at last some images and media around!





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